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Robinhood’s performances

Robinhood’s personnal adaptations in video: videogame and Movie soundtracks performed on the piano and the trumpet. Most of the pieces were arranged by Robinhood.


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Robinhood’s YouTube channel

Audio recordings

A few audio recordings of Robinhood: some casually played video game songs on the piano. He’s playing these songs almost for the first time.

Zelda’s Lost Woods, Song of Healing, Majora’s Mask Observatory, Hyrule Field, Ocean, Epona’s Song

Zelda’s Serenade of Water, Song of Storms, Gerudo Valley, Zelda II Palace, Kakariko Village

Zelda: Wind Waker — Dragon Roost Island

Super Mario 64 — Bob-omb Battlefield

Golden Sun — The First Book

Golden Sun 2 — Traversing Weyard