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Video Games Live contest has ended

Friday, November 20 2009

Thank you all for your support!

As you may have noticed, Jumpman and Robinhood didn’t manage to be number one at the Video Games Live contest. After a long struggle, they ranked 3rd and 4th respectively at the end. It’s a little disappointment, but it’s still a great performance.

The winner’s video is an amazing adaptation of a Metal Gear Solid theme, in duet on piano and violin. Congratulations to Yumeduo, they are really talented! We wish them good luck for their playing on stage tomorrow, at the Video Games Live concert. Robin and I will be there, of course!

By the way, some new videos should be added soon. In particular, the mind-blowing medley that Robinhood made for the contest will be uploaded onto the website. Keep tuned!

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