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Robinhood plays Golden Sun, Jumpman plays Mario

Sunday, April 17 2011

On the same model as my Yoshi’s Island cover last year, I’m adding today an arrangement of New Super Mario Bros. (DS and Wii) main theme.. I put in it some passages of the Athletic version, and a second guitar part.

As for Robinhood, he made a superb cover of the Vale theme from Golden Sun. Watch it in the Robinhood > Other games section.

I took advantage of this to make some minor improvements on the site. Sections associated to Robinhood have been reorganized (sothat I could put Golden Sun somewhere), and now the videos are compatible with Internet Explorer 9.
If you encounter some issue with the site, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll have to specify the nature of the bug, as well as your browser’s name and version.


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