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Saturday, September 24 2011

New videos which have nothing to do with Mario and Zelda? Is that possible? Actually, the two last additions from last week don’t cover Nintendo themes.

In the first place, Jumpman and Robinhood are pleased to show you the fruit of their joint work from last summer: a duet on Street Fighter 2, Vega theme! Equipped as we were, with a trumpet and a guitar, the choice of Hispanic music was quite obvious… Our arrangement was inspired from the OneUps, a rock/jazz game music cover band who made a great version of this song. With the help of our friend Touffy, we did some nice video editing we hope you’ll enjoy. Head to the Duets section to watch it.

Another new stuff which actually isn’t new: Jumpman’s self-duet on Banjo-Kazooie. It was published on YouTube long ago, but we forgot to post it here at the time.

We take this opportunity to announce that Jumpman reached 200 fans on his Facebook page! Also, Jumpman will have 3000 YouTube subscribers soon, and Robinhood is not far from 4000. That’s really impressive, we are proud to have so much support from you guys. So thank you for your support, it’s very encouraging, and we hope to please you again with our videos for a long time to come!

We have busy lives, but we’re not getting enough of making videos! Currently Jumpman is working on four new covers, and Robinhood is preparing a huge one. That’s without taking count of our next duet. So stay tuned! A new tool is at your disposal now: the newsletter. Click the link in the left column, provide your e-mail address, and you’ll never miss any of our future additions. See you soon!

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